I've worked on a lot of TV for the Oregon Lottery. Below are a few of my favorite campaigns.


Playing Precious Metals Scratch-Its is just like digging for gold - you're hoping to find a fortune just under the surface. We took that idea and put a quirky spin on it.


The infomercial isn't dead. We created this long-form web infomercial to help sell scratch-it tickets because why not?


Did you ever wonder why it's called the "Oregon" Trail? Like, why didn't they continue on to Washington? Maybe they stopped and found something they liked.

Oregon's Game - Megabucks

The Oregon Lottery wanted to get Oregonians to play state funded games like Oregon's Game - Megabucks, rather than playing national games like Powerball. To accomplish this goal, we created a quirky character to rally our quirky state.

Meet Eugene Buckland. He loves Oregon so much, he runs a local public-access television show called β€œAll Things Oregon.” But for as much as he adores our state animal, state rock, and state everything, nothing quite gets him going like our state game.