Taylor Siolka. Maker-upper of things.

Former war hero Taylor Siolka was sentenced to eight years in prison when he accidentally killed a man in a barroom brawl while defending his pregnant wife. When his release came through, he was eager to see the daughter he'd never met. However, Siolka's original flight was delayed, so he was put aboard a flight transporting ten of the most dangerous men in the American penal system to a new high-security facility. One of the criminals, Cyrus The Virus Grissom, was a serial killer and insane genius who had hatched a diabolical plot: with the help of several other hoods, including Diamond Dog, Johnny 23, and Garland Greene, Cyrus and his men hijacked the plane in attempt to fly to a neutral nation where they could live as free men. Siolka found himself stuck in the middle; he had to find a way to get home, keep himself alive, look after his cellmate Baby-O, who would've died without proper medicine, and try to help the cops on the ground, including agent Vince Larkin. Needless to say, Siolka survived long enough to see himself become an advertising copywriter.